Here we are going to see how I used the redux pattern in my Swift application for observing an event. Redux is an open-source JavaScript library for managing application state. It is most commonly used with libraries such as React or Angular for building user interfaces.

So what I am going to do is to create a simple Redux pattern using Swift in my application using the various building blocks of Redux. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about redux at all. I will cover all that is needed for a newbie.

What is Redux?

As mentioned above Redux is a JS library…

Here we are going to see one of the most overlooked concepts in iOS development. Static libraries and dynamic libraries and how it impacts your app. Let’s dive in,

What is a Static Library?

When an app is linked with a library(Framework) using a static linker, the code that the app uses is copied to the generated executable file. A static linker collects compiled source code, known as object code, and library code into one executable file that is loaded into memory in its entirety at runtime. The kind of library that becomes part of an app’s executable file is known as a static library.—

Almost every iOS, tvOS apps uses UITableView/UICollectionView to display a collection of items. These list views basically gives life to your entire app. Eg: Menu items in food ordering, movie booking, flight booking, Netflix, Pinterest etc., all these apps use these views as much as intuitive as possible as their core UI/UX by making use of the native deque reusability for performance.

Here I am going to show a step by step implementation on how to use Apollo iOS SDK in your swift application. In my guide I would be Apollo iOS SDK for a tvOS application which uses api.

The application hits the Spacex api and queries all the past missions and displays it.

SpaceX’s missions

Here we are going to see how I successfully ported my React JS project to a cross-platform mobile app using Apache Cordova. I will be using a very easy to use library called Reco (react.cordova). Reco is the bundle where both Cordova and React.js platforms merge and work together as one.


  • To create a React JS project and npm

Steps to port React JS to Apache Cordova

I already have my web app developed in React JS. We can see the step by step implementation of using Reco to convert it into a cross-platform hybrid app.

Step 1: Install Reco

npm install -g react.cordova

Step 2: Lets create…

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About Place of Interest

Going to a new place ? Want to get notified whenever there is a cafe or store near you ? Good news, you have place of interest app. Place of Interest is an iOS location based app. Place of Interest enables you to add your places of interest like cafe, restaurants, hospitals, stores, pharmacies etc,. Whenever the selected place of interest is found near you, you get notified. You can see all the places of interest near you including details such as address, contact number and also see them on map…

On-device AI

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About Card Lookup

Card Lookup is a native iOS on-device AI based app that extracts the 16 digit card number, card expiry and card holder’s name from the given front side of a credit or debit card. The AI engine uses the cutting edge computer vision framework from Apple along with custom trained CoreML model for precise landmark detection. The system also makes use of the Natural Language framework from Apple for identifying person names . The on-device AI engine ensures data privacy and security.

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Digital to AI transformation in iOS

Here I am going to share my experience as how I used enum without using switch statements. Now let’s see what is the problem in using switch statements in your code base.

1966…Yes Switches… Everywhere

From Swift 5 Apple has introduced string delimiters. As we might know A delimiter is a sequence of one or more characters for specifying the boundary between regions of a string. Delimiter comes in handy when we want to use special characters like \n, \” etc as string literals

Example 1: No delimiter and line breaks

let noExternalDelimiter = “Line 1\nLine 2”


//Line 1

//Line 2

Example 2: With delimiter and line doesn’t break but rather shows up as characters

let withExternalDelimiter = #”Line 1\nLine 2"#


//Line 1\nLine 2

Example 3: If you need the effects of a…

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